Why you need to become a member of KCL MedGenSoc


KCL MedGenSoc was created to fill the gap between technical advances and the current curriculum. This is no fault of King's as with the current speed of innovation in science and the years it takes to build a robust curriculum a natural and unavoidable disconnect is created. This is why KCL MedGenSoc was founded. We are able to source lecturers and supplement student learning quickly to make sure students graduating have the opportunity to be at the forefront of their chosen field. Although, our passion is for genetics we naturally stray into other medical fields as we try to deliver contextualised and well rounded lectures.

Even though we could write a full dissertation on all the reasons you should become a member to spare you and our team we are confident we can persuade you with just five bullet points.

"somewhere, something amazing is waiting to be discovered"

Five reasons you need to become the newest member of KCL MedGenSoc!

1.) Discounts at all our events.

2.)  You'll be helping to support the amazing work at GeneticdisordersUK.

3.) Members are first in line to recieve MCQ booklets and tickets to the mock OSCE sessions.

4.)  Our lectures are given by world class geneticists.

and now for number five which we think will really convince you...


                Because the best things in life are free...