What do we do?

Social Events

Throughout the year- we will run social events catering towards all students to have lots of fun! This year we have many charity events, including pub quizzes!


We aim to provide materials to all preclinical medical students that take genetic modules as part of Curriculum 2020. We will release MCQ booklets that have had great reviews from previous years.  


Lectures on different areas in the field of Medical Genetics will be running throughout the year- presented by experts in each area of the field.


Current projects

KCL MedGenSoc was created to fill the gap between technical advances and the current curriculum. This is no fault of King's as with the current speed of innovation in science and the years it takes to build a robust curriculum a natural and unavoidable disconnect is created. This is why KCL MedGenSoc was founded. We are able to source lecturers...